Snakes and Ladders

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Get ready to play one of the most popular classic Indian board game of Snakes and Ladders! This unique game has inspired many adaptations as well as appeared in many avatars, including Chutes and Ladders. But nothing comes close to the original classic.

So, get your hands on this Indianised version of Snakes & Ladders that retains the Indian look and feel, be it in the portrayal of the avatars you choose, their dressing sense, or the classic board game itself. And at the same time, offers you awe-inspiring animation and engaging game-play par excellence. The avatars will rejoice with you as you climb the ladder and share your resentment as the snake catches hold of you.

Snakes & Ladders is a must-have and must-play game as it offers a unique opportunity to have fun anytime, anywhere.

So, Engage, Enjoy and be Entertained as you roll the dice and play – Snakes and Ladders.

How the Game Works?

  • Get our Snakes & Ladders game
  • Choose your Avatars
  • Roll the Dice
  • Watch out for those Snakes
  • Climb the Ladders of Victory
  • And have loads of fun along the way!

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