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There’s a hot babe at the supermarket. She smiles politely as she passes you in the aisle. What do you do? Continue picking up your TV dinner? Or catch up with her, chat her up, get her number and a date?

If you’d rather the latter, DreamDate is for you. DreamDate is an iPhone/iPad game that tests and sharpens your smooth talking skills.

Pick from a bevy of hotties. Blonde… Redhead… Sexy… Spunky… Funny… Funky… Your choice. That’s the easy part. Picking up a conversation with her though, isn’t.

You’re going to have to charm, sweet talk, tickle, seduce, propose, proposition… work your verbal mojo…whatever it takes to and get her hooked and reel her in. Perhaps get her to like you on Facebook too. (Yes, for real!)

You up to it? There’s only one way to find out – DreamDate. And ladies, we haven’t forgotten you. There’s a whole horde of hunks headed your way soon on dream date. Watch this space…

How the Game Works :

  1. Get DreamDate on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Choose your DreamDate
  3. Pick from one of 3 opening lines
  4. Look out for her response
  5. Respond to that
  6. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt.
  7. And then do it again!