Doozy World

Available on :
AndroidComing Soon

For Doozies, the whole world is One Big Game Console and the islands are filled with multitude of games to choose from. They are in the play-mode at all times. When they fish, when they swim, when they race, when they drive, etc. Such is their obsession with games, that even when they sleep, their dream is an ongoing game with multiple levels. And they only wake up when they gather enough points in the dream games. So, get, set and play with Doozies in Doozy World!

Game Features:
– 2 in 1 Game
– 50 Levels in each game
– Engaging Gameplay
– Stunning Graphics
– Melodious Music
– In-App Purchase
– Community Leader Board via Open Feint and Game Center
– Social Channel Integrated

Spend hours in an awesome game play adventure of rescuing Dozzies. A fun game for everyone.