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Do you EAT, DRINK, THINK, SLEEP, BREATHE, & LOVE Cricket? Then, you ain’t just a cricket fan. You’re a CRICKETFREEQ and this App is tailor-made for you. This is your arena to LIVE the game and share your passion with cricketfreeQs from around the world.

Tell me more about the App
The CricketfreeQ App is brought to you by – the ultimate destination for cricket lovers in the world.

This App allows you to play a wide array of cricket-centric online games based on ongoing international cricket tournaments. If there is an international cricket match being played on the field; you can play and participate in that game off the field – right here on this App.

What’s more you can compete, challenge and conquer some of the staunchest, self-confessed cricket who will be playing with you. So, don’t just watch the game; Live it!

Tell me more about the Games
If you think you can put the cricketing pundits to shame with your accurate cricket assessment skills; if you love to flaunt your rock-solid knowledge of the game, then you’ll love this App and the games for sure.

Here’s what you gotto do:
Before every international cricket match that’s played, we will throw 5 Questions (Mandatory) and a Qoogly (Bonus Question) your way based on that match. You will get 1000 Qbucks ( virtual currency) to play with.

To add more weight to your belief, back your answer with some Qbucks. If your answers are correct, you earn more Qbucks! If you lose – don’t give up and be a loser. Fight back by participating in more games.
Remember – Winning a match ain’t everything; because at stake is not just amazing rewards but your freeqin’ Pride!